New 1.90$ Memory Card Reader

4 years ago

The order i made a few weeks at just arrived and among the stuff i got was this memory card reader ( the other stuff im still testing/using and might do a post on it soon).
My laptop has a memory card reader, but it only reads sd cards and even though those are the ones I use the most, its always good to have an option to read other cards. So, since my previous external reader was complete garbage and I have already throw it away because it wouldnt read the cards, I decided to get this.

The price of this memory card reader is 1.90$ and I do believe they have other colors, I just found the blue first and liked it so I ordered this one.
The plastic feels nice, meaning, doesnt feel cheap and the build quality is good also, much better than the previous one I had that was +3$ and would easily fall apart.
It has a blue led that flashes/turns on when you have memory card in or just have it connected to the computer.

It reads a lot of different memory card types like :
- SD/MINISD/TF/MMC/RSMMC/M2 ( quoted from the source)

It does have a <strong>negative side</strong>. Because its too large, when you have it in a usb port that has other one close to it you probably wont be able to use the other one because this takes up the space for two usb ports. But if you have a single usb port its fine or you can always use a usb extension.

Overall, I think it was a good buy and price and I hope this lasts me for a long time.

<strong> - Want a memory card reader like this?</strong> Check the source link to buy.

<strong>Do you have/use memory card readers a lot?</strong>

(pics are mine ; quote from the source)

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