Never Miss a NotificationCallText with FLASHr!

Are you someone who misses calls frequently? Hearing the phone ring and the phone vibrating not good enough? Well there`s a working progress of this concept <strong>FLASHr iPhone case</strong>, where the case will alert you with LED glowing colors when you receive a call, text or some sort of notification.

What colors can the LED lights change to? According to the website, it`ll vary depending on your preference.

What`s the point of this case? You may be in an environment where your phone no matter how loud the ringer is.. (like a club/crowded area/concert) you can`t hear your phone ring hence flashing lights may be a good idea? who knows)

Overall: I think it`s a pretty neat idea. I think there are times where if my phone glowed up, I would notice it especially when I`m studying on my bed. Not only is this a LED notification case but it also protects your phone so it`s a 2 in 1. Not bad but not sure how useful it`d be for me especially since I get so many LUUUX e-mails, the phone would probably be blinking majority of the time and drive me nuts.

<strong>Would a blinking phone case work for you?</strong>

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