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4 years ago

My friend who`s my ex colleague recently shared with me that he actually visited South Africa back in January as part of one of his school`s program. What a lucky... ! This is the same guy that my family went rafting with his family. He shares me a bit of his experience. In that there is still segregation in that city. He`s Polish and he visited a restaurant that was frequented by the rich black population of that city. The waiter that were black had to serve people of their own color before serving him. He wasn`t annoyed at that as he accepted it as that is how it is in their country.

Another experience he shared with me is that he took a train visiting from Cape Town to another part of South Africa. The trains were so nice and cheap compared to say Amtrak in the USA. He was able to get his own private cabin and had to share a shower for so little. I forget the exact amount but I`m guessing that same private cabin would`ve cost SEVERAL hundred more in the US than what he paid for.

Talk the TALK
1) Are you still surprise that there is segregation in the world?
2) Have you ever visited South Africa before?

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