Neutrogena Wave Review!

4 years ago

For Christmas I received a splendid Neutrogena Wave! The box it comes in was thankfully easy to open from the top and it even comes with 1 AA battery which you need upon using it for the first time. On the front of the box it tells you that it includes the power- cleanser (it means POWER), attachment head, 14 pads and your battery. The way this works is quite interesting. After putting in the batteries, it is simple to use. Just take a pad, stick it to the end of your Wave and run it under water until its wet. Splash some water on your face and turn on the wave! It soothes out your skin while it vibrates around and softly removes dirt, oils and makeup. When I was using it, I could tell that the makeup was definitely coming off because I could see my real skin! Anyone would be SUPER amazed at how easy it is to use. For me, the BEST part of it all is that not only does it clean your face deeply and leave you feeling pure but it makes your skin unbelievably soft. I give this a 100/5 star rating!
*Note: This will NOT remove acne, I would recommend using Clean and Clear Break Out Control cleanser after using this. Previously I used the Neutrogena Acne cleanser, but it did nothing for my face but dry it up apart from smelling lovely.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way being paid by Neutrogena to review or recommend this product.

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