Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

4 years ago

Last spring I discovered this SPF. I was skeptical because we all know the typical feel of a sunblock. It is usually greasy, thick, and shiny. BLECH! That is all fine and dandy if I plan to be swimming, but if I am going to be strolling around, wearing makeup, or even going fresh-faced and bare.... I don`t want my face to look like an oil slick and feel as though it is being suffocated by a layer of gloop. Neutrogena makes several versions of SPF. I believe I originally heard about one that is in a smaller container and you have to shake it up. It has a little beat inside that mixed up the product before application. On that bottle it says something about being good for under makeup. At the time, that one seemed hard to come by. I took a chance purchasing this one, and luckily it worked out fantastic! This is like a 3-in-1 product. It is like a moisturizer, an SPF, and a primer all mixed together. Let me explain. Some days I will layer this over top of my moisturizer, however, I have been in a rush and just slapped this on. It hydrates my skin and relieves any feeling of tightness. I feel as though I can, at times, use this in place of my moisturizer for wear during the day. The SPF part kind of explains itself....that IS what this product is, after all. As for the primer portion... I have noticed that when I put this on under my makeup, my makeup lasts much better than without! It seems to help guard the skin (perhaps from the natural oils) away from the makeup. I just end up with nicer looking makeup for longer periods of time. Tell me that isn`t a win-win! With the spring and summer rolling around before we know it (unfortunately! HA, I`m a snow bunny), we`ll be busting out these types of products more. However, you all should be using SPF already! :-) Unfortunately, the reality is, most people wait until it is tank top and flip flop weather before they worry about protecting their skin. I highly recommend checking out this particular one. I don`t think you`ll be disappointed.
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