Neutrogena Powder Foundation Review!!(:

5 years ago

Hey loves. I decided I wanted to share my current foundation.(:
It actually works pretty well, I preffer Powder Foundations over the summer because it´s easy to wash off & doesnt smear from the summer heat. (I´m in Argentina on vacation right now, & it´s majorly hot!) So I´m currently using a drug-store foundation, (I´m really not into spending money on makeup, seriously. Who´s gonna notice if your makeup is from chanel? There really isnt a difference, haha just my opinion!)
& I´m using Neutrogena Mineral Sheers, loose powder foundation with purescreen.
This is actually one of my all time favorite foundations, because it has a bunch of little things that make it a little better than regular foundation. I know, that probably makes, legit no sense. But let me explain a little bit.(:
This foundation works wonders. It makes your skin look really soft, but it doesnt look like you caked your face in it. (like some powder foundations). I mean, pretty much all of us have Light hair on our face. Peach fuzz or whatever its called. & No, I´m not talkinga bout legit facial hair. I mean it´s Light & you can´t notice it that easily. But trust me, its there. & when you put on powder you start to notice all hair on your face. It´s really distracting & awkwarddd. But this foundation is really Light & doesnt cake around the hair on your face.
-´ In Clinical tests, %100 of Women,even tose with sensitive skin, showed a reduction in the appearance of redness, and an improvement in skin clarity, tone & texturee.´
This foundation also works really well for sensitvie & oily skin. It doesnt make me break out, & doesnt clog pores. Which is actually ah-mazing if you think about it. (:
& Remember how I said, I´m vacationing in argentina, & the sun is really hot?
Well, this foundation also has pure-screen. Which is a non-chemical sun-screen, built into the foundation. Yaya! It has an SPF of 20. Which is better than your chapstick, fyi!
I would reccomend this foundation to anyone, who doesnt want to spend all their money on makeup, & for anyone who´s going to go out in the sun! && Infact, I would even reccomend this over the winter to. You wont freeze & clog your pores with all that nasty-makeup junk! (:
I hope this was helpful to some of you looking for a foundation.
I rate this product an 8.9 out of 10 stars.
xx - anna

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