Neutrogena Naturals Face Wash

4 years ago

I want to go into my thoughts on this product in a, sort of, journal style. Im going to start by letting you know what my thoughts are/were when I first start out then Ill continue to occasionally update until I have reached a month, or nearly a month, of use.

So, to start! Considering my previous cleanser seriously burned my face every time I would use it, I was a bit nervous going into using this one. The differin I have been applying has made my skin sensitive to most facial products. Oh my goodness, this was a dream to cleanse with! Zero pain, zero burning, no tightness after using it its fantastic! I have, currently, used it twice. The first time I used on my Olay brush and the second time just using my fingers. It works well both ways. If possible, the lather of it has a soft, silky feel to it. Its unusual, but I like it! My skin also feels quite smooth and soft when Im done. It does feel like it is 100% fresh and clean, yet doesnt have that annoying squeaky, overly dried out feeling. I can tell it isnt stripping out all the moisture of my face. WOOT!! Finally, I want to mention the scent. It does have a scent to it. I like it, but I know people are sensitive to smells. I cant put my finger on what it is. Im going to sound crazy when I describe the actual thought that pops into my head when I smell this, but here goes it reminds me of a spring or summer day and sitting outside enjoying the sunshine but also having the smell of a fresh basket of clean laundry near.. so sunshine, nature, and laundry? HAHA, can I paint a more early 1900s country day for you? I want to figure out, specifically, what the smell is though..

(UPDATE:14 days in) So, it has been a couple of weeks now that I have been using this face wash. It is still working out great for me. It isnt burning my skin or making my face feel tight after using it, so I trust that it isnt over drying my skin. I am still trying to put my finger on the scent. I just cant. I even tried to search and see what others thought of the smell but the things they said dont seem to match what I am smelling. The closest thing I can think of is some sort of cross between a fruit candy and a childs detangler spray.

(UPDATE: well over a month) I had intended to come back after 4 weeks of use and update but I completely forgot and now I have been using the cleanser for a couple of months! LOL! Oh well, I suppose this just solidifies my love for this cleanser. I`ll be honest, I still haven`t figured out the scent but I`ll leave it at a pleasant, subtle scent that I have actually become used to by now and hardly even notice. I`m still using the cleanser every single day and love it. I have even bought the scrub as well as their toner now. I recommended this cleanser to my sister, too, who has sensitive skin. She actually didn`t like it. Her skin is more sensitive than mine is and she said it actually made her skin burn a bit so she is reserving it for shoulders/chest/back use with her body wash. It is working well for me, though, and isn`t irritating my skin. If you followed any of my posts about my skincare, you`ll have read that my old dermatologist really dried out my skin and made it extremely sensitive. I have since switched to another dermatologist to get a second opinion on how I should care for my skin issues. I like this new doctor better. BUT, my skin still requires more natural and sensitive skin directed products. I used to use things that had salicylic acid in them.. I don`t do that anymore and my derm. doesn`t want me to either. This stuff works fantastic for me! I`d highly recommend it.


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