Netflix Instant Movies: The Man From Nowhere

So I`m flipping through Netflix Instant and I`m not always crazy about the picks there are to find. slowlty though, I started branching out to find different things that I wanted to see. One of the first I ventured to in the Foreign Films genre was The Man From Nowhere...

Taken meets The Professional meets Man on Fire, this movie rocks for the girls and the boys. Bin Won, the main character, is a hottie, who kicks enough but to make the guys take notice. tragedy in is life, of which I won`t tell you as that is part of the movie, makes Tae-shik a reclusive and nearly silent man. He quietly runs a pawnshop and is regularly visited by a little girl who has nowhere to go. She doesn`t think he likes her much, but, as she has no other friends, his little attention is better then nothing.

When drug dealers steal her and her mother for ransom of drugs, suddenly this quiet man doesn`t seem so disassociated. He takes down the enemies one by one to get to the little girl who has somehow begun to matter to him.

Made more poignant by the fact that the girl doesn`t even know his name, and only calls him `Mister`, the movie is a emotional rollercoaster that has you rooting for Tae-shik to kill them all. As he is quite sexy doing it, well, that just adds to the appeal!

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