Neon yellow obsession

4 years ago

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Okay..Where am I gonna start off? As weird as it is - and even though I realize what is "wrong" with me - I can never help going through phases of craving one specific color and then basically buy anything that I can find which is that exact color..Just a while ago I have been going through an extreme orange phase that is still not over but almost ;) - hopefully! Well even though the orange phase is not yet totally gone and done with there already is a new phase driving me crazy: neon yellow.
It seems like neons have been everywhere lately anyway and I also have to admit that I love all the colors it comes in: neon orange, neon coral, neon (lime) green, neon pink...But for some reason it is the neon yellow that really got me hooked.. Maybe it is due to the fact that I already own a lot more of pink,orange, coral and lime green colored items than I own yellow ones which then makes me not go for the same colors again just because they come in a neon shade now...
In general all neon colors are gorgeous though and can make you look pretty tan..I love how daring bright neon is and you can be sure to get a lot of attention while rocking this trend...

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