Need for Tablets VS Netbooks, Laptop, Full Blown Pc.

I had a netbook, then had a tablet, now i sold my tablet to get a netbook again.

When i used a netbook it was nice but at some time it wasn`t the device i wanted.
So i sold the netbook and bought a tablet.
And it was a god device for surfing the web and spending small amounts of time.
Too weeks i found myself having to borrow laptop to do some work with electronics, and looked at the tablet and thought... haven`t used you in about a week.
You`re going back to be sold and going to get a netbook again.

i understand that this is mainly due to my needs being a bit more special, and most people probably wont have them.
So i ask you guys, do you find tablets meeting your needs?
Or do you find tablets too limited to your daily schedule?
Which should i get? Netbook or laptop? note that i have an Desktop.

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