Neck amp Shoulder Massager w Heat

5 years ago

I picked up this electronic neck and shoulder massager, which also has a heat function with it at Walmart earlier in the week. First of all the great thing about this purchase was it was 75% off, making it only $5! It was originally priced at $19.84.

The box states all it can do:
- Invigorating Massage <em>I was surprised with how great of a job this does. It really does leave you feeling relaxed afterwards. Sometimes after the gym my muscles in my neck and shoulders get so tense and tight that it hurts to move. Using this it really helps put my muscles to ease and just leaves me feeling released. It`s not an overwhelming massage, it`s a bit of a vibrate, but it does the job.</em>
- Soothing Heat <em>The heat function is a nice one, you do feel the warmth, but I haven`t used the heat function for a terrible amount of time to see if it gets TOO hot -- but from the amount of time I`ve used it ~5 minutes, it doesn`t make me uncomfortable. Sometimes when things have a heat function it feels like you`re slowly scalding your skin -- this doesn`t do that, which I am grateful for. One thing I will state is when using the heat function, you do get a lower level massage.</em>
- Custom Comfort <em>The arms on the massager are flexible, so they`re not stuff and uncomfortable. They`re not heavy so it won`t weigh you down. You can hold it tighter against your neck by holding onto the arms with your hands if you`re looking for some more intensity.</em>
- Integrated Control <em>The speed function was something I found just randomly. I have this thing where I never read instructions, I just use things, haha. But I was pushing the button and was like OH! when the speed changed. This has a 2 speed capability and a heat function, which all are great. I tend to like the higher intensity one better, but after a while I do switch to the lower intensity.</em>
- Portable and Convenient <em>This would be easy to transport because it runs on batteries and can be plugged into a wall outlet. This would be nice to take on a road trip, because after being in a car for a while, small aches and pains began to rear their little heads, so this would soothe those. It`s sadly not rechargeable so once you unplug it, it will not work unless you have batteries in it.</em>

This is one of the better portable massagers I have tried and I`m glad I purchased it.

<em>Have you ever tried a portable neck massager?</em>

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