Necessities Run @ Walgreens

5 years ago

on my way back from class today, i made a quick pit stop at walgreens to pick up some necessities and snacks. (i`ve been getting the worst cases of the munchies lately!)

of course i wandered to the makeup section! this walgreens was kinda small and didn`t have a lot of stock and a lot of stuff was opened. i figured i`d wait since i`m seriously imposing a makeup ban on myself... as much as i want to try all these new drugstore products that are coming out, i REALLY need to start using what i have!

so i got boring necessities. but they`re necessities for a reason!

what i got:

- CLEAN & CLEAR OIL ABSORBING SHEETS: this is my first time trying these actually! i`ve heard good things!

- DENTAL FLOSS: i`ve hated flossing since... forever. LOL. i don`t like it! but i don`t want to dentist to keep judging me every time i go to see him because visit after visit, he tells me to floss and i always nod my head, but i`ll floss for a few days and quit. i always keep floss on my desk now so before i go to bed, i`ll see it and floss :)

- VISINE FOR CONTACTS: my contacts are getting really dry really quickly because i`m putting them through hell! haha the life of a college student... visine is beautiful and something i`ve really come to appreciate :`)

that is all! quite boring but whatever :)

hope you`re all having a lovely day!

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