NEC demonstrates touchscreen with tactile effect

Prototype touchscreen display offers the sense of touch to virtual objects, making the person feel in your fingertips, what they are playing.

One of the major complaints of those who use devices with touch screen is the lack of tactile sensation, ie can not differentiate, by fingertip, one element from another screen. But now the Japanese multinational NEC, in partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, presented a prototype of what is to be your solution to the problem.

The Diginfo posted the video of a panel concept that provides a directional and tactile feedback for those who are using the screen, causing the surface of the display moves slightly when thrown. The sensation produced is similar to when you play a real object, causing the person to see where this element is located.

Today, most smartphones vibrates when a button is activated by the touch screen. Although effective, this technique is not able to suggest exactly where the object is activated, since the whole machine vibrates. In this demonstration, while pushing a virtual ball, for example, the screen moves in the opposite direction. To make it more real, the movement`s strength varies with the speed of the gesture. Watch the video above to see the working prototype.

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