Neapolitan Ice Cream for All

5 years ago

I like ice cream, hot weather cold weather matters not to me. So I usually have a small carton in the fridge, but I recently had some guests over so I bought a big bucket of Neapolitan ice cream. I think its a waste to have lots of individual flavors on hand for company, especially when some will inevitably go unfinished. Neapolitan is therefore a good compromise, in my mind. One bucket, three flavors.

In my experience, I have seen people eat Neapolitan ice cream two ways. One way is to scoop only the flavor or flavors that you like, leaving the rest. Or the other way would be to get equal amounts of all. My preference is to eat all three flavors at once.

While not my favorite, Neapolitan holds a special place in my ice cream loving heart. But the scoops have to be perfect. Or at least, my bowl needs to have all three flavors. I dont know- I just like swirling all the colors together. It makes for an interesting visual and taste experience.

Well, I waited to grab a bowl until after everyone else had served themselves so I could get a jumpstart on cleaning up plates, but when I got to the bucket there was only one flavor left. No joke, everyone had taken all of the vanilla and strawberry, leaving nothing but poor untouched chocolate! This must have been planned behind my back, because everyone knows Im not a particular fan of plain chocolate ice cream. Of course I still ate it, because the point of the whole meal was time spent with friends, but gee Ah well, what are friends for? :)

What do you guys think, is Neapolitan ice cream better eaten with all three flavors combined or separately?

(Picture is mine.)

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