Navel Piercing - Answered Questions

I pierced my navel area (belly button) about two weeks again and within that time, I have answered a lot of questions about it. Here I`m going to answer some of those questions!

1. Did it hurt?
On a scale from 1-10, it was about a 3.

2. Did you use clamps?
I did not.

3. When were you able to shower after getting it?
I shower everyday, so the day after I pierced it.

4. What was the most difficult part of your piercing?
Sliding the jewelry in after I had pierced it.

5. What are you using to clean it?
Right now, I`m just using the ear piercing aftercare that you can get at Claire`s.

6. What did you use to clean the area before piercing it?
I used Clean & Clear, it`s similar to using rubbing alcohol, but I felt a lot more sterile with Clean & Clear.

7. Can you sit/sleep with it in?
Absolutely! Maybe I`m just tougher than most people with a high tolerance for pain, but I was always able to sit/sleep/etc. with it in. The first two days it can be a bit painful, so definitely do not sleep on your stomach and try to prevent yourself from sitting or leaning too fast! I was able to lay on my belly without it hurting by one week. So everyone is different!

8. Why does your belly button look pink and have slight crusting?
It is actually a normal part of healing. A piercing is a foreign object to your body, you`re puncturing skin and it will take time to heal. Crusting and slight irritation is all signs of healing.

9. What size jewelry do you have in?

10. Should I pierce mine with a gun?
NO. Never! You should never pierce any part of your body with a piercing gun as it can lead to so many infections and breaks down your cells. It is such an unhealthy way to pierce yourself. If I could go back, I wouldn`t have gotten my cartilage pierced at Claire`s I would have done it myself, because that is the only piercing I have ever had infected and it was done by a gun in a super sensitive way.

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