Natural ways to get to sleep well

When there are sleep problems, especially a couple that tends to affect the relationship and quality of life. When you do not sleep the hours required for a good rest, there is irritation, fatigue and moodiness associated. Want to know how to fall asleep as if they had taken a sleeping pill, but in a natural way? Here are some natural ways to achieve this.

Passion flower
The passion flower, passion flower, passiflora or also known as martyrdom, can be an excellent herbal supplement for a good night`s sleep and relax. Several studies support the quality of this supplement, as connect you to the calming, pain relief, and even help improve the pains of menstruation.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland, located near the center of the brain that produces melatonin to help our body regulate the sleep cycle (circadian cycle). This hormone is available as a supplement for the evening for those who have trouble falling asleep. Some experts argue that can also help stimulate the immune system and the benefits of antioxidants. But taking it, even as a natural remedy, should be conversada with a doctor because high levels of melatonin can elevate levels of prolactin can aggravate problems such as infertility and depression. That said, the recommended dosage should not be greater than 0.5 milligrams per day.

Meditation is a good tool that helps not only sleep better as the calm, keeping an active mind more (the more calm you are more capable of reasoning has). Meditation is an activity that lets you focus on a mental image of calm and peace, and for each one a different thing: it can be a deserted beach, a lush countryside, swimming in a lake, etc.. Meditation helps you sleep more quickly because it decreases the frequency of brain probes. To meditate is easy, sit back, take several deep breaths through your nose and let your mind calm down a bit. After a few moments in this state, the mind begins to distract yourself, start thinking about or worrying things that happened during the day, when it does focus on your breathing and imagine that you`ve imagined in a quiet, calm and where Peace reigns.

If waking up in the middle of the night with a head full of random thoughts or concerns are a barrier to a good night`s sleep, this will probably be an insomnia due to anxiety. To get to sleep and can resort to conscious breathing. This requires focusing on each inhalation and exhalation, and feel the air entering the lungs and reach out, always being aware of this type of feeling naturally ignored. Breathing techniques are essential to help you fall asleep faster: stress is the major factor sparking from insomnia, and when practicing breathing techniques can be dramatically lower stress levels, making it easier to sleep at night. One of breathing techniques is advised to take the air to the lungs breathing, focusing on the air in through your nose and fill your lungs. Start by filling the bottom of the lungs (belly) and go to the external filling. Thus, the mind is concentrated on breathing and not in other subjects. Do the same for expiration, starting to empty the lungs from external to the belly. Make gentle breaths and calm, always focusing on the natural rhythm of breathing. Thus the body feel a little bit to relax.

One might think that yoga is a form of boring for a while, but the reality is that, in fact yoga is an active activity. It was shown that the practice of yoga daily between 30 and 45 minutes gives a good night`s sleep. The Harvard University School of Medicine conducted a study that proved that the practice of yoga improves quality of sleep especially for people suffering from chronic insomnia.

Total darkness
To sleep soundly is needed an environment of complete darkness. There is evidence that too much light affects the sleep cycle, but studies at Ohio State University have shown that even tiny little light in the room can disrupt the body`s natural clock, also contribute to weight gain. To do this you must remove all appliances that have lights and not leaving any type of light to disturb sleep. Preferably, there should be no TV in the room and blackout curtains should be to eliminate any kind of light.

Valerian is a great supplement to help you sleep. Valerian herbal medicine is a commonly used for insomnia. Valerian allows for a more restful sleep especially in deeper sleep (where you get the necessary rest), and also on how quickly they fall asleep, all without feeling a sense of sedation the next day, as with other drugs. It is usually advised to take continuous for best effect. It can also be used during the day for calming effects, reducing anxiety. As with any alternative medicine, it is advisable to ask the doctor about their use before starting to use.

Conscious muscle relaxation
To get to sleep is necessary that the muscles are relaxed. To be able to consciously relax the muscles must use the mind to work the body. To induce sleep start by muscles of the feet and slowly move to the ankles, thighs, pelvis, abdomen, chest, neck, face and head. Concentrate on and feel every muscle to relax gently, feeling each member to relax, almost sank. The process medium can fall asleep. You can practice this technique in a comfortable position for sleeping, relaxing muscles and go slowly.

Hot Bath
A warm bath before bedtime is a great helper to sleep. The hot bath helps to relax, helping to eliminate muscle tension. To sleep better take a hot bath, but then take about half an hour to get the body to cool, it is this process that helps you fall asleep. The cooling body needs to be able to sleep, and on top of the bath, not to maintain the room at a temperature greater than 18/19 degrees is essential for achieving a quality of sleep.

Hours of sleep drives
It can be difficult to begin with, and feel like sleeping in the afternoon, but is in fact not able to sleep repeatedly, must maintain a rigid sleep schedule, regardless of headache or fatigue you feel during the day. Start by removing all the appliances of the room dark after all, lie at a time when certain: Ideally 11:30 pm and set the alarm for 8:00 am. This way you can sleep 8:30, if you think you should at least set the alarm for 7 or 7:30 in the morning. When the alarm sounds do not put more than 10 minutes, any longer, nothing. When the alarm sounds should rise at this time, however much it costs, and do this for 7 days. After 10 days of sleep drive and controlled, will find that their sleep patterns to self regulate. It is important not to give up

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