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5 years ago

Hiii guys! My name is Havina. I am a student at york university doing my major in business economics. As a business student, I always think about what i should be investing in and how much will i be spending on the future on certain products. However as a young female, i also love staying on top of fashion and updating my make up collection....But living in Canada where prices are just sky rocketing, it seems my children are going to have trouble affording a top from..let`s say...American eagle!

So first things first, I wanted to talk about some of the natural remedies out there that some people just seem to keep missing on. DO not fall for companies who sell anti- aging creams or eliminating dark circles, even if they do work, it contains alot of chemicals that affects your skin in the long run hence buying more of the product = more profit for the company :) I can list a bunch of things that does wonders for your skin and hair.

Olive oil and coconut oil is good for almost anything: internal use and use for hair and nails and skin. Try this, before washing your hair massage your scalp with olive oil and massage just a lil bit on your face as well :) Do not expect to see results right after you`ve washed it off, cause it takes alot more work and maintenance than just one trial.

Sea Salt: one of the best remedies for skin. It might be a little harsh, but oh please, its not that bad!! Alot of company have started selling this, but my personal favourite is the one from lush. Doing this daily can get rid of pimples and lighten your skin as well. Putting oil on skin also gives you flawless results. I have always been complimented on my skin and assumed that i am wearing tons of make up, except i`m NOT! It gives it an extra freshness and nice tone to ur skin also

And of course, i would not give a review if i haven`t tried it myself! duh! I have been putting oil in my hair since i was young, i`ve probably straightened my hair everyday for the last 5 years and my hair is still thicker and healthier than ever. I know that you guys might think..EW thick hair? who wants thick hair. But you guys have to remember when we get older, our hair falls out and also get thinner and thats when we`ll wish for thicker hair. So its really important that you take care of your hair while you are young (young as in from ages 0-30). Remember to leave oil in for atleast 30 mins, i usually do it for 2 hours!

Talking about my skin, i have purchased moisturizers, cleansers and dark circles creams from high end companies such as sephora, sears believing they would work. And guess what? Most of them did NOT work. So i spent maybe $200 dumping my skin into chemicals that did no benefits and actually ruined my skin even more. Learning about oils, i gave it a try and i`ve never had pores, pimples or any SORT of skin problems. Also, oils such as coconut and olive oils tend to be a great anti-aging product as well. It gives your skin extra pamper hence your skin feeling extra fresh and more younger looking when you hit your 30`s. It is also the best eye make up remover!!! :) So hopefully, you didn`t find my article boring. I know there are so many blogs out there advertising make up items and what not, and i felt as if i had to ring a bell to girls in todays society that these products do not actually benefit us. NOW dont get me wrong! but i wear make up on a daily basis, however i also maintain and remember to take care of my skin. So anyways, i look forward to comments and any questions. Let me know if you`ve tried this and what you think. (Some of the shoplinks i`ve added are great examples of products that are good to use on a daily basis for long term use) I`m sure you`d be happy with the results :)

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