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5 years ago

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with makeup and beauty things! Unfortunately in my quest to live a more natural, healthy life, I have found that the majority of makeup products that I use and love are in actuality TERRIBLE for you :( I recently came across a website that allows you to search 69,000 different cosmetic products to see how good or bad they really are for you called Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. This has led to me obsessively going through all of my makeup!

Some of the worst beauty items that I have come across are nail items such as polish and polish remover. This is not a stretch to imagine as they typically have a very stringent smell and the polish remover stings the skin. During my latest trip to the Whole Foods store in town, I found a nail polish remover called Tate`s Odorless Nail Polish Remover.

I was pretty skeptical when I bought it- It claims to remove polish faster and better than normal polish remover, condition and strengthen nails. My nails are noticably dry and brittle from all of the products that I normally use though so I was willing to try it out.

After using it several times, I have found that it absolutely DOES remove polish better than anything I`ve ever used as well as helping my nails strengthen to a small extent! (I`ve only used it several times so we`ll see if it gets even better as I use it more!)

I would say the one disadvantage is definitely the price- It`s $16.95 for a 5 oz. bottle on To me it`s definitely worth it though and you actually will use less as it takes the polish off more easily.

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