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4 years ago

Skin care can be really annoying as everyones skin reacts in different ways so you need to be careful with what your do to your face. Its something that everyone should do because no one has perfect skin and the first thing people see is your face so just for own self esteem I think everyone should take really good care of their skin. This can be hard but you need to know what kind of skin you have for example the most common types are dry, oily, and sensitive and combination. Once you know what one you are out of these everything becomes much simpler. You can now choose the right products for your skin and you should not get any break outs from using new products as they should be great for your skin and help you. For my skin I have a simple skin care routine as I have sensitive skin and its dry but can get oily too so thats a lot to take in so I just have to be careful when choosing out products for my skin. First I cleanse my face with wholegrain oats. This sounds weird but it really does work. All you have do is get some oats in hand and run your hand throw warm water which will make the oats soft and then just gently rub it over your face and neck. Never avoid your neck it just like your face so take care of it too. Now I tone my face with a natural toner that I make myself which I already have a post about. A lot of people skip this step but its really important as when cleansing your face the ph balance is messed with so to get it back to normal you must tone. Now all that is left is moisturise all I do is rub bio oil all over my face and neck I already have a post on bio oil so check but really this stuff its amazing but you can only use for a certain amount of time so thats kind annoying but anyways its still awesome. So this is my easy simple skin care for a short amount of time I hope this helps. Any skin care tips let me know please?


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