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Yogurt is a nice treat that you can enjoy by itself and use it in cooking and it has a lot of health benefits. One of my favourite things about yogurt is that you can use for beauty. I like to make simple but really cheap and effective things with yogurt. You can use it on your body face and hair and youre going to get amazing results. This is what I like to do.
1. With an old makeup brush that you wont miss just apply yogurt all over your face. Instantly you will feel fresher. You can add things like honey, olive oil to the yogurt just to make it extra special but its perfectly fine and good by itself. Leave it on until all the yogurt is fry and wash it off with lake warm water.
2. You can also use yogurt in your hair all you have to do is apply it all over your hair leave for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. You may want to do this before a shower. Again you could also add some things to the yogurt like olive oil for some more moisturising but its perfectly fine on its own.
Yogurt is really cheap I would recommend you but a plain yogurt you dont want a flavoured yogurt as it has things added to it and Im pretty sure that wont be great for your skin. No matter if you have dry, oily or sensitive skin yogurt is really amazing and can help all skin types and you should not get a skin reaction but if you did then just dont use it. I hope this and help and let me know if it helps.

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