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Dark underarms can be a pain but whats even more annoying is getting rid of them you can try many different ways but there just going to take time and you may not get the best results. I believe that natural beauty is the best type of beauty out there so here are some of my tips that I hope helps help you. Now you may be thinking how she is going to help me she never had the same problem as me well I have I have dark underarms and I really hate them so I have used these methods to help reduce so I help these tips help.
1. Get a slice of lemon make sure its a bit thick but not too thick. Onto the lemon slice add some sugar and scrub you underarms with this when youre in the shower. Lemon is a natural skin lightener and with the combination of the sugar exfoliating and removing any dead skin cells your underarms should be lighter in no time. I would recommend you use it every other day for a few weeks but dont use it too much or it could harm your skin.
2. This is not natural but dont shave or use hair removal creams on your underarms as they can cause them darkness in the underarm area. A better option is to wax them it has no harmful chemicals that will harm your skin and like shaving will not remove the top layer of skin thus causing darkness.
3. Mix together some apple cider vinegar and baking soda and apply the paste onto your underarms before a shower for about 10-15 and then just rinse off well. Both these things have lightening properties so this will help.
These are just some of the millions of tips you can use but make your using a good deodorant and I cleaning that area well and leave a comment below telling any method that you know. I hope these help.

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