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4 years ago

i am by no means vegan or vegetarian... and i could never imagine being either. i just love meat too much! however, a bunch of my friends who also are not vegan/vegetarian love native foods, a vegan restaurant chain. i`m not quite sure if it`s only in southern california. my friends always tell me that you can hardly tell that it`s vegan. that`s a pretty outrageous claim!

i have been once before but it was honestly so long ago that i don`t exactly recall my experience. i ordered vegan fish tacos, and i don`t think i was that pleased, though i don`t remember being repulsed by them either.

i went with a friend for lunch today and ordered the daily special: BBQ burger. the "meat" from native foods is a mix of soy and wheat and who-knows-what-else, but they really have the texture of meat down! i believe this burger was more like an imitation chicken sandwich, and even though it didn`t taste exactly like chicken (it was close!), it sure looks exactly the part.

as native foods is vegan, they use absolutely NO animal products so that includes dairy and everything... so no dairy in the burger bun or anything, which is kinda crazy! you can`t tell at all! my only complaint is that it was BBQ flavored but then again it was the BBQ burger. i like BBQ sauce and stuff, but it`s not my favorite on a burger; i like it more on a nice chicken quarter fresh off the grill! i just wanted to get a good deal since it was the daily special and i didn`t know what else to get, and i figured the special wouldn`t be bad.

since i ordered the daily special, i got to choose a free side. i got the sweet potato fries and they were SO YUMMY! they put some kind of seasoning on it that was savory and it mixed so well with the sweet potatoes.

i had a much more positive and memorable experience this time at native foods and i really hope to go back again sometime. for someone who loves meat, this sure wasn`t bad!

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