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4 years ago

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Alot of people always ask me, what are some good iPad games? Well since i have an iPad 2, why wouldnt you use them for the gaming use?
I actually love downloading new apps on my iPad, it is awesome and seriously theyre all so fun! But here are a couple that are my favourites and i usually tend to play alot.
1. FRUIT NINJA : i actually have the full game, which is like $0.99 but you can also get the LITE version which is free! I really like the game, totally fun and addicting and i loved it on my iPod touch as well, so it is double the fun on a bigger screen!
2. LOGOSQUIZ : I am currently loving this quiz game for my iPad. It is awesome and totally fun but quite hard. It is all about these logos, and you have to guess which ones are which! Theyre a ton of logos, and i actually dont know some of them! Which one is Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Roxy, etc. etc.
3. LABYRINTH : i saw this game on the demo iPads at the Apple store and i loved it and had to get it myself. The app was really expensive though, i think it was like $7.99, but i really liked it and it is totally fun! Very hard for the iPad versions, but you can get it for your iPhone as well!

A couple of other ones are Grand Theft Auto, Angry Birds, Tapped Out, Infinity Blade and Draw Something!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
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What are you favourite apps?
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