NASA to release Cellphone Chemical Sensor

5 years ago

There are so many pollutants in the air that could either give us cancer or cause harm to our bodies. But what if you could be warned about them by your cell phone? Jing Li, a scientist at NASA Ames has been working on a chip that houses houses 32 nanosensor bars, that can respond to different chemicals and monitor their levels in real time. This was originally designed for monitoring air quality and fuel leaks aboard the International Space Station. It could have miltary use as well in monitoring chemical threats. One of the most exciting uses could possibly to detect the level of acetone in a diabetic`s breath to monitor blood sugar levels which would make their lives a lot easier as they would not have to prick their finger every time to measure their blood sugar. Also nitrous oxide is correlated with lung cancer, so one were to detect this in their breath they could possibly catch early warning signs of lung cancer and catch it before it spreads. I think this is a genius idea. If it were to come out in a future phone I would probably get the phone it`d be inbut it`d probably go bonkers while I walk downtown or over a sewer grill lol.

What do you think of this sensor?
Do you think it`d work well enough for these applications and that technology really has advanced this far that a small chip could detect such things?
Would you get the phone that the chip would be placed in?

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