Naomi Campbell is a Zero Carb Woman

5 years ago

Naomi Campbell is an icon in the fashion and model world and her body continues to look good even now at 41, which means that age isnt a big factor but more the work and dedication to it.
In a recent interview, Naomi Campbell let the world know a little bit of what helps her keep in shape and its not that easy.
She does give credits to her genetics, which plays a big role but its not everything, she also mentions that she exercises more than before (otherwise the genes couldnt do all by themselves lol) and she also mentioned what she does in terms of diet and she mentions that she is on a zero carb diet and that she sees carbs as a treat.

Now I cant argue that its not working, I mean, look at the pictures, but I do have to say that a zero carb is not the best approach. While cutting carbs helps with weight loss and water retention, they are also needed to provide energy for your body and to your daily activities.
Cutting out bad carbs like sugar and processed foods is great for you(the website where I first saw the news even points that also ), you do need carbs and you can make changes for better carbs like whole grains because they will give you the energy you need and more when compared to the regular kind of carbs, are much more rich in terms of nutrients/vitamins than other carbs and will also help keeping fuller for longer.

So as you can see, reducing a little ( not to zero) and picking better carbs is better for you but regardless of that, I do have to say she does a good job with her diet and exercise because she looks great.

<strong>What do you think? Could you go on a zero carb diet?</strong>

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