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5 years ago

Gosh it took a long time to take all the pictures for this post =/

After purchasing the NAKED2 palette by Urban Decay, I`ve been frequently asked what the differences are, and which I prefer. So I figured I might as well make a post, and pass it along lol.

- NAKED: $60 CND
- NAKED2: $60 CND

<strong>In CANADA sold at...:</strong>
- Sephora/
- Various Shoppers Drugmarts (ex. the one at Eatons Centre)
- The Shopping Channel
- Unfortunately does not ship to Canada.

- I definitely prefer the packaging of the NAKED2. It feels more sturdy and is MUCH easier to keep clean. As you can see from <strong>photo 2</strong> the first NAKED palette gets extremely dusty.
- I do think the NAKED2 would have been a bit more beneficial had it had a magnetic clasp like the NAKED palette.
- I noticed on my NAKED palette, the names of the shadows are starting to wear off. Based on the interior of the NAKED2, I think the same thing will occur.

<strong>Shadow Shades...</strong>
- Obviously since both palettes are meant to be "neutral", the shades are going to be similar. However, I would describe the NAKED2 to be more "sultry".
- Asides from that, both palettes contain mattes, shimmers, and dark colors. I think preference depends on your skintone.

<strong>Pigmentation and Application...</strong>
- For me, the NAKED2 definitely wins this category. I find the shadows MUCH easier to blend since they are much softer. The pigmentation also seems to be much better. I felt like even with doing the swatches, the NAKED2 required less effort than the NAKED palette.
- From the NAKED2, I didn`t notice any fallout.
- For both palettes, I think a base is necessary for the best pay off (NO base was used for my swatches).
- In both palettes, the darker shades tend to leave a stain if not removed properly.

- I like the brush a lot better in the NAKED2 palette, just because it is double ended and contributes to "easy traveling".
- Both brushes are of the same quality and work equally as well.

- The NAKED palette came with a mini primer potion and the NAKED2 came with a mini lip gloss
- the NAKED palette wins this one for me, because I found the gloss to be useless. I would have preferred another little bottle of primer potion (maybe in "Sin" or "Eden") instead. Or, if UD could have thrown in both since they`re both so tiny!

<strong>And the Winner is...</strong>
- For me, it has to be the NAKED2, which I find hilarious, because I really wasn`t planning on buying it since I wasn`t too impressed with the first one!
- Overall, the shades in the NAKED2 just suit me better and are easier to work with. I prefer the packaging and the brush, and my only real problem is the lip gloss, and how the names of the shadow are printed (because they`ll most likely fade off).
- Personally, I DON`T think its necessary to have both. Had I known about the NAKED2, I would have waited before buying the NAKED palette. I think, I might give my NAKED palette to a friend or family member who the shades would suit better!

<strong>What are your thoughts on these palettes?
Which do you prefer?
Do you think its necessary to have both?</strong>

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