Naked Palette, Love or Hate? That`s the Question

10 months ago

This is my favorite palette out of all the Naked palettes that Urban Decay has come out with. I am just sharing my thoughts on how I feel about this palette now. I orginally bought this palette a while back but just when I was about to post it, I got sick and had since forgot to post about this lovely palette. So let`s get started shall we!
So this is my second naked palette . The very first one I purchased was the naked 2.

This palette comes with a mini pp (primer potion), which is my favorite eyeshadow primer. The packaging is made with cardboard unlike the subsequent naked palettes which are in a tin case. It`s lined with a brownish velvet like fabric with the word NAKED embossed in gold color. It has s magnetic flap closure. Inside is a decent sized mirror on a flap that you can bend over if you decide not to use the mirror. A one sided shader brush also comes with this palette which I love to use to apply color to my lids.

This palette contains 12 shades which are warmed tones neutral colors. Neural day to day looks or a smokey night out of town look can be created just with this palette. Out if the 12 shades, only two are matte which are Naked and Buck. The rest are shimmery shades. Shades ranges from beigy champagnes, golds, bronze to gunmetal. A black color named Creep is also included.
This palette is great for everyday office looks . And great for students who just wants a day to day neutral look. Having all neutral colors in one palette is great for those who loves neutrals and for those who mostly wear neutrals on a daily basis. Thus making your morning makeup routine simple and easy by having all the colors you need in one palette.

I would definitely recommend this palette to people who are just beginning to play with makeup, especially those who aren`t just yet comfortable with applying too much colors on their eyes. A great palette to get you warmed up into makeup. Great for those that work in an office environment and neutral lovers.
The cons about this palette is that there aren`t enough matte shades. The lightest shade is called Virgin which is a great highlight shade. But it`s not matte. It`s more of a satin with the slightest hint of sheen. So if you prefer a matte highlight, you`re out of luck and would have to reach for another shadow or palette that contains a matte highlight shade. You also do get fallout with the shimmer shades. Which is why I suggest doing your eye makeup before foundation. It`s also not really travel friendly. I have traveled with this palette before but I had to be extra careful with it. As I mentioned earlier, it`s a magnetic flap closure, unlike the snap lid on the tin cases like the subsequent Naked palettes. This makes it much easier for the palette to open up in your luggage or purse and having the shadows break and getting everywhere. So if you do have to travel with this package, I recommend to be very careful as to where you place it.

Would I repurchase this palette again? Hmmm... Yes and no. Yes because as I mentioned this is my favorite nake palette out of the whole collection. I`m more drawn to these colors. I love to have great neutral colors in one palette so that I don`t have to dig around for different shadows just to create a look. I love the velvet fabric packaging even though I like the smokey palette design too but the colors on that package when swatched , is too similar on my skin tone. And no I probably wouldn`t repurchase because I have a few more palettes I would like to use up before I would even think about repurchasing the same palette. I also would love to venture out and try new palettes other companies are coming out with every year. And also because there are not enough matte shadows. Sometimes I just prefer to have a matte highlight and this just doesn`t provide on this aspect which I`ll have to reach for my other shadows which kinda defeats the purpose of having a palette in the first place. If they were to come out with a neutral palette which colors similar to this but with more mattes then yes. As I am getting older, I prefer to use more mattes for the crease and brow bone, keeping shimmery shades on the lids.
But all in all this is s great palette and I don`t regret purchasing this at all. But I do regret purchasing the naked 2.
My final thoughts?? Out of all the naked palettes, I love it!!

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