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I know this post has been done many times, but I would also like to share my opinions on this! I got this palette back in November, so I have had plenty of time to experiment with it!
First of all, this palette is around $48, where I live! It can be bought at Sephora, Ulta, and It seems crazy to spend $48 on one palette, but if you think of it, you are really just buying 12 Urban Decay eyeshadows for only $4 each! Personally, if you get into makeup, I think thats a pretty good deal for high end eyeshadows!
There are 12 colors in this palette, in order: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. It is a whole bunch of neutrals! I think that even though this palette is all neutrals, it is awesome because every single color is very different and has different effects when on your eye.
Virgin:I love this color as a highlight! It is a soft creamy white color and has a little bit of shimmer, but not much.
Sin:This color is an amazing champagne color and looks amazing all over the lid. It has this beautiful shimmer and iridescent to it. It also looks similar to Mac`s Naked Lunch eyeshadow.
Naked: This is the perfect matte color. I wouldn`t completely call it a "brown". It is amazing, because if you are looking for a natural eye look, it looks good in the crease, but it also looks very good just on the eyelid itself! It`s a very reversible color.
Sidecar: I love this color. It is very shimmery taupey brown color. It looks so cute when wearing it. The only problem I have with this color is, that it does have a little bit of fallout and because it is so shimmery, it doesn`t stay on your eye well without an eye primer.
Buck: Even though I have had this palette for so long, I haven`t had much experience with this color. It is a very deep matte brown, and because I tend to go with lighter colors, I don`t use this one as much. I do think it would look good on someone who likes to wear brown smokey eyes though.
Half Baked: This is probably the most talked about color in my opinion. I have heard enough hype about this color, and this is the only double color in both the Naked 1 and Naked 2 Palettes. It is a beautiful shimmery golden color, but personally I never use it, because I don`t really use gold colors on my eyes. But, this still is a gorgeous color.
Smog: I love using this color as an eyeliner! It is so gorgeous! I love to smudge it into my lower lash line! It is also a beautiful color for the crease! One more thing- it is an EXACT dupe for the crease color in Wet `n` Wild`s "Waking on Eggshells" trio!
Darkhorse- This color is a gorgeous crease color, and is a little bit shimmery! I don`t use it as much as some of the other colors, but I still like it!
Toasted- I love love love this color! I don`t wear it everyday, bit when I do, I love it! It is a gorgeous shimmery bronzy color! I love using this color, Sidecar, and Smog in a look! They all just fit together perfectly in my opinion!
Hustle- This color is very pretty and a dark brownish/taupe crease color. I don`t use it very often, but I still like it!
Creep- I use this color every time i do my makeup. It is a somewhat glittery black! You may be thinking, what do I use this color for if I don`t like using dark eyeshadows all the time? Well, I take my eyeliner and very thinly make a line on top of my eye. Then, use the brush this palette came with, and dip the end into the color. Then, I very lightly smudge this color on the top of my lash line over my eyeliner. I don`t like to make it very obvious that I`m wearing makeup most of the time, and all this does is make my lash line look fuller, which makes my eyelashes look fuller! Plus, the eyeshadow sets the eyeliner, which makes it stay all day!
Gunmetal: This is a gorgeous shimmery gray color! It almost has a tint of navy blue in it! I don`t use this color as much, but my friend love this color and always uses it to smudge into her lower lash line and it looks gorgeous!
Overall, I love this palette! All of the colors look different on the eye. I recommend any makeup-loving person! Plus, It comes with a brush and a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion!

Have you ever tried this palette out? What do you think of it? Please put your comments below :)

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