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4 years ago

On the same line of their <em>Naked palettes</em>, <strong>Urban Decay</strong> also launched their <strong>Naked Foundation</strong> - as you may all know already - defined as <em>weightless, ultra definition liquid makeup, peptide infused, light diffusing and paraben free</em>.

I hadnt had the chance to try it until last month, when I finally purchased it with a 15% discount code.
Its expensive and thats what really has always put me off. In the end, it cost me less than 30 .
But I was soon rewarded.

When I first apply it on my skin, I was amazed.
It went on so smoothly and it felt and looked extremely natural and light.
Id say its a <em>light to medium coverage foundation</em>, although buildable, and its definitely not prone to be cakey on your face.
Ive tried to apply it both with my fingers and with a brush, but I prefer to use my hands because I can get an even more natural finish and I can rub it into my skin even better.
I also feel like the more you work it into your skin, the more it covers.
I dont really know how to explain it, but, as the MAC Face&Body, when it first come out of the bottle, it has a more watery consistency, but the more you massage it into your skin, the more it changes its consistency and becomes thicker.

his leads to another point: this is a <em>water-based foundation</em>, which is not that strange as more and more brands have come out with this kind of formula.
This allows the foundation to be <em>light and non-aggressive</em> for your skin, also because its paraben free as well.
It leaves a <em>matte but still natural finish</em>, although not so matte and opaque as, lets say, Chanel MatLumiere foundation. But its definitely good for combination skins, as mine.
I still feel the need to powder my t-zone, but its more because Im used to do it rather than I really need to with this foundation.

<em>The lasting-power is amazing too</em>. As I said, I always set it with powder, but with this I could totally skip this step as it lasts so long.
The longest I wore it has been 8 hours and by the end of the day it still looked perfect. My blemishes were still covered, my nose and my t-zone were still matte and my skin didnt feel heavy (you know, when you reach that point when you cant wait to remove all your makeup).

Another selling point for me was <em>the colour-match</em>.
I bought shade 1.0 - obviously, the lightest - and it matches my complexion perfectly. I swear, out of all the foundations Ive tried in my life, this one is the best match!
Its yellow-based and it compares well with MAC NC15.
And they have a pretty wide range of shades to choose from, so Im sure you can easily find yours.
So, needless to say, since the first time I tried it, I fell in love.

<em><strong>Do I recommend it? Of course, yes.</strong></em>
However, not if you dry skin, Id say.

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