Naked amp Naked2 Palette Dupes

5 years ago

Yesterday I was at the mall with two of my good friends, and one of the stores we went into was Forever 21. While they were looking at some travel mirrors, I was checkign out their beauty products. I noticed these two palettes that were thin and short, and opened them up. The style of the packaging and the eyeshadow colors inside reminded me so much of the Naked palette and Naked2 palette, and my friends both agreed. Now, I wasn`t suprised, since Forever 21 is nutorious for ripping off big brands and designers. But nonetheless, I still love Forever 21 like crazy :)
I decided not to pick up the palettes since I already own the Naked palette and plan on getting the 2nd one. I couldn`t swatch them obviously, since F21 doesn`t have testers. I also forgot to take some of my own pics, so I had to borrow someone else`s! Anyways, these two palettes are called the "Natural" palette (Naked dupe) and the "Smokey" palette (Naked2 dupe). These are both from the Love & Beauty line. These are only $6.50 each! BUT, are these two palettes really dupes for the real deals? Let`s see....

- Similar Packaging (Colors, size, shape)
- Similar Eyeshadow Shades
- Decent Mixture of Both Matte and Shimmery Shades
- Comes With Other Products (Mini black eyeliner and spone applicator)
- Same Size and Shape Mirror

- Only Comes With 10 Eyeshadows, Instead of 12
- Colors are Reversed (Instead of going light-dark, they go dark-light)
- Do Not Come With a Primer or Lipgloss
- Price (Dupes are $6.50 each; Naked is $48, Naked2 is $50)
-Smokey Palette Doesn`t Come in a Tin (Naked2 does)
- Shadow Quality (I read reviews, and some of the dupe shadows are very good and super pigmented, and some aren`t and have lots of fallout)

Overall, I think I will just stick with the Nnaked and Naked2 palettes, since I know that ALL of the shadows are going to be wonderful, plus I get more of them, and also a mini product and a brush with them. I would say that if you can`t get your hands on or afford the originals, or if you are more of a "drugstore" person, then you should try these palettes!

Has anyone else seen these palettes around? xox

*Photos from SOURCELINK. Words are mine.

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