Nails or Not?

Oh nails... I dont know if I love having nice nails or hate them. I have serious debate for both. Im not a very girly girl and I am often way too rough with my nails. Whenever it comes to simply putting nail polish on, I find that after a day or two it chips. This bugs me so much since I spent all that time putting it on, waiting to dry and now I have to spend more time taking it off. Why not get gel you ask? Well I have three reasons why I dont get gel; the cost, travel and quality. Since I am still a student, I dont earn much money as it is and to have to pay over $50 every two weeks on nails really isnt in my budget at the moment. The next is travel, since I dont have a license its so hard to find a time me and my mum is free without taking away from family time. Lastly is quality, most of the time, the quality of nails isnt too good and they chip or crack which doesnt look so crash hot. Within saying all that, nails look so pretty. The colours, the designs, glitter and just generally how pretty they are. I love going to a nail shop and debating on what to get, then relaxing while they make my fingers magic haha. Its so relaxing. I really enjoy nails and I always go through fazes of loving and hating. So heres my question for you, what do you prefer? To nail or not to nail, that is the question. My Blog: Check out these:` width=`1` height=`1` border=`0` alt=`style=border:none` !important;=`` margin:0px=`` /> Picture isnt mine

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