Nails of the Day: Shades of Purple

4 years ago

Hey everyone,

Today I`d like to share my most recent manicure with you :) I`ve had on a lilac color for a few days and decided to add something on top of it to freshen up the manicure. So I used the same color and a darker purple and did some water marbling! It`s been awhile since I`ve done it and for some reason, I found it overall much easier than I used to! The one thing I had trouble with was getting room temperature water, it was either too hot or too cold! The polishes don`t spread out or work as well in water that isn`t room temperature. I also had a problem with my container (cough - my Styrofoam cup cough) leaking...aka having a bit fat `ol hole in the bottom!

The one tip that helped me a lot for this manicure was learning how to tape my nails properly. I used to put vaseline around my nails to help with clean up, but taping is better! If you know how to do it, it`s quick to do and it`s quick to clean up after you`ve water marbled!

Take a piece of tape and lay is straight across the skin right above your nail bed, tuck down either side of the tape to the underneath of your finger. Take another, longer piece of tape, and tape as close as you can get to the skin right under your nail, then bring each side up and line it up against the sides of your nail. If done right, this second piece of tape will overlap the first. After you have water marbled, make a snip through the under side layer of the tape and the entire thing peels off easily in one piece, leaving virtually no clean up!

Polishes Used:
-Revlon Lily
-Revlon Grape

<b><strong>Do you water marble? How do you like my manicure?</strong></b>

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