Nails of the day: Essie amp Revlon

don`t you hate it when you break a nail ??? I broke 3 and OCD won, I cut them all down to match, ugh. one break was especially nasty and it took some skin with it so I`m very sorry about how yucky my middle finger looks.

anyways, out of my current box of "untried" nail polish, I ended up choosing Essie Ballet Slippers and Revlon Popular. Ballet Slippers is one of those polishes that goes a touch streaky on the first coat and ends beautifully opaque on the second one. it`s a classic pale pink color, no shimmer, no glitter, it can be sheer but because my nails are short - meaning there`s no nail past the fingertip, I don`t think you can really tell too much. I had next to no problems with the formula.

for my "bling" which you know, I need, I went with Revlon Popular. it`s a pink base with silver glitter in at least two different sizes. it seems like two/three coats would be enough to get a nice opaque finish although I only used one. at first I wanted to do just my ring finger nail and when I saw how pretty it looked I went crazy and put it on everywhere lol I`m seriously loving this polish, it`s crazy because I don`t remember ever trying revlon polishes other than the two I now have, I`m a fan !

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