Nails of the day : Butter London, Essie amp Zoya

ugh, my nail polish skills were totally off today, and I don`t have that many to brag about so it`s REALLY bad when it happens lol I tried a CQ nail polish I got a Rite Aid and it was complete rubbish, totally threw me off but since I was determined to try out my new BL polishes I kept going. I won`t scare you with pictures of my toes but this is what I have on

zoya venus is very sheer, it takes about 3 coats to get really nice coverage, it`s a little runny but very pretty. a cool tone purple that actually looks really pretty on my toes. I applied just one coat of Lovely Jubbly on my big toes and holy cow, the two colors together look amazeballz !!! a beautiful combination, they compliment each other incredibly well, this is one I`ll have to try on my hands soon.

speaking of, this is what I`ve got on my hands: essie ballet slippers is a very pale and opaque pink, it looks very striking on at least on my skin tone. as I`ve found with some of my essie polishes, first coat is a touch streaky but by the 2nd one it`s all good. yeah not much I can say about rosie lee that I haven`t said before. this is two coats, totally opaque, super easy to apply, it is however a pain to clean up, gorgeous !

and just for kicks, I took some pics in natural (indirect) sunlight. I decided to alternate polishes instead of my usual style just because I wanted full nails of each color. seriously loving this combo too, I can totally see it popping up again in my future

ugh, love all these polishes, ok so maybe venus not as much as the other 3 but it`s still great.

*pics & content are mine, do not steal*

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