Nails Gem Tones and a Little Duo-Chrome Experiment

I love gem-toned colors, especially ones with dark undertones, particularly dark blue. So I wanted to use different dark gem-toned shades for my nails this time around as part of an experiment.
First I want to mention, this was one of the only times I was not that lazy and actually used clear nail polishes as a base. I don`t think they actually claim to be base or top coats.
I used WnW Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector on my left hand and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Clear`d For Takeoff on my right hand. I think I might actually like the WnW one more, because it seemed to dry faster. The Sally Hansen one not only dries slower, but also dries sticky and tacky for a while before completely hardening. Also, I`m not really a big fan of the tapered brushes that nail polish brands have been coming up with. I`m slowly starting to get used to them, but ... it`s not really my preference. Moving on...
This is what I placed on top of the clear polishes:
From Left to Right:
1. Nail Girls London - Navy Blue (1 coat)
2. Maybelline NY Express Finish 50 Sec. Nail Color - Plum Intense (2, maybe even 3 coats)
3. Nails Inc. London Magnetic polish - Trafalgar Square (2 coats)
4. Wet n Wild Shine - Black Creme (1 coat)
5. Maybelline NY Express Finish 50 Sec. Nail Color - Denim Dash (3 coats)
One thing about the Maybelline Express Finish polishes - I remember they used to be better and not take this many coats to be opaque. Maybe it`s because I`ve had them for a while, and the bonds are starting to break, so you really need to `shake well` as stated on the bottle, to fully mix the liquids, so it doesn`t come out watery. Still, they`re not nearly as old as some of my other polishes, but were the most difficult to work with this time compared to the other ones mentioned above.
I quite like how this color combo turned out. I almost left it like that, but the real reason why I tried all these different colors on my nails was because I wanted to see if different colors would make a difference if I put them underneath a duo-chrome nail polish. By that I mean, I was wondering if certain colors would help bring out certain shades that are present in duo-chrome polishes.
Here I just put Wet n Wild Gray`s Anatomy on top, all except for the ring finger, because I intentionally wanted to keep the silvery magnetic polish. I think it goes quite well with the sheen of the duo-chrome colors.
In good sunlight, you can kind of see the original colors underneath Gray`s Anatomy. But I think it only has this kind of effect if you`re looking for it. Otherwise, I don`t think I would ever notice.
I took so many pictures in hoping to capture the different shades, from green to purples.

Thank you for stopping by if you did!

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