Nails amp Lips (My 2 favorite beauty categories)

5 years ago

Anyone who were to look at my beauty products would instantly be able to tell that I favor nails and lips. I am rather safe with my eye makeup (I do own fun colors but more often than not I stick to neutrals) so my colors come in through my lips and (ALWAYS) my nails.

I`m trying to lessen my "wish list" of products. I have been picking up a couple of items when I see them and can get them. This trip I HAD to get another of the OPI Holland collection OPI polishes because they STILL had the 50% off sign! (I dare not ask WHY they are already marked down!). I picked up Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. In the bottle it doesn`t look all that impressive. On swatches, however, it is a beauty! Personally, I will get more use of this kind of color in the fall... but, whatever. I won`t be picky when they are 50% off.

I have a few of the Cover Girl lipsticks still on my list. I didn`t jump on the band when they first came out. I was so convinced they`d be crap. When it comes to drugstore I`ve always trusted Revlon lip products and kind of shunned the rest. Now that I have realized just how good THIS particular line is, I`m hooked! I just wish there were more cream finishes. A lot of them are shimmer or frost. I do have some with shimmers, figuring I`d try them in hopes that they aren`t TOO strong. I have all brighter colors from them. I need to get some of the more tame colors. This time I picked up Temptress and Delight. Both are bright pink/coral colors. Now to the disappointment. I wish ALL stores made it more difficult to bust into product because I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE (can you tell I hate it?) when people test out non-tester products and then throw it back on the shelf. RUDE and DISGUSTING! I have gotten some of these and they were in a plastic wrap. These weren`t. I did open them, though, to check the actual lipstick for marks or signs that someone tried it out. Under the stores lights they looked good. I got them home and noticed ONE was most definitely swatched. GROSS ME OUT! (yes, I really said that). Temptress was the one messed with. EVERY time I see Temptress it has been swatched. It is either tampered with or completely sold out. So, I did take a tissue to remove that top layer and then dunked it in alcohol. I just hate that I had to do that. I shouldn`t have to.

I would love to know if you have any MUST HAVE colors from this line of Cover Girl lipsticks. I`m very curious if there are other colors that I "need" to have! :-)


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