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4 years ago

To make the decoration technique using the water you need:
- Varnishes of the color you want,
- 1 cup of water at room temperature (or cold)
- A toothpick to mix the varnish
- Nail polish remover, to clean up the excesses

Step 1: The choice of container
The diameter of the container is important, can not be very large and not too small Can. I use a glass of water, but you can use a bottle of water cut.

Step 2: choice of varnishes
Before you start, you will need to choose the varnish you want to use. A good choice of colors, it`s interesting you choose glazes with a similar composition, like using cream with creamy, with pearly pearly.
this increases the chances of the final result is satisfactory. Each type of varnish has a speed and intensity of scattering ("scattering") in different water, so if you mix two very different, the more likely it is that the more dispersed will almost cancel each other and the result is bad.

Step 3: Ping varnishes in the water
- Ping the first drop in the center of the container and the other in the center of the image that is being formed.
- Use about 10 drops at least, to have sufficient area to cover the nail and also because with less drops, the enamel dried and I could not do the drawing.
- Bring the brush from the water, without touching a drop in water to minimar the fall of the same. Sometimes I let the brush far, the drop went rolling across the water and spread the glaze so disorderly.
- I recommend that you do not refill the water in an attempt to another. Because the remains of enamels in the water can disturb a little.

Step 4: making the design
To make the design, use a straws.
- Pass the stick coating on the surface, without you putting it too deep, will open a crack in the enamel and the design will be left with a hole!
- Clean the straws to each trait, which is taking over at the tip.
Step 5: putting the
nail in the water
Here is the hardest part. Depending on how you perform this step, the design will be full of bubbles! To avoid them put the nail at an angle of 45 degrees with water and not in parallel. It is important to go very slowly sinking the nail, with a steady hand.

Step 6: Cleaning up the excesses
Party hard, but simple. Same as manicure blurred out, but they`ll have much more blurred!

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