Nail Supply Store Part 1

5 years ago

This past Sunday I finally got the chance to go back to the Nail Supply Store. You ladies don`t know how exciting I was to do so. :D

Even though I was there a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to expand my China Glaze collections! There`s three parts of my Nail Supply posts so if you interested in seeing what colors I picked for China Glaze & Essie. Stay tuned!

I wasn`t planning to pick up anything besides China Glaze nail polishes. Wrong! I end up leaving with other brands and products! I usually don`t need any sort of thinner because my nail polish are in good condition. My sister suggest me to get it anyways so I agreed to do so. I got the small bottle which is 4 fl. oz just to try it out! I think this bottle is worth $2 something?! The brand is called SuperNail.

Another thing I wasn`t planning to get, but my sister suggest I should. A base coat from a brand called Jade? I`ve never heard of it before, but I found some of the color polishes at the Thrift store last year. While I got that I spotted another polish that caught my eyes really! Omg! I`m loving this color and can`t wait to use it! Its a color polish with tiny glitters! I tried my best to take pictures from my phone, but it was hard getting the colors. Sigh.

I can`t seem to remember the price for these nail polishes, but they`re really cheap I think. They didn`t have a price tag thingy so I couldn`t tell you. My sister forgot to give me the receipt! Boo! So this complete my first haul! Come back for China Glaze & Essie nail polishes!

++ SuperNail - Nail Polish Thinner
++ Jade Base Coat in Milky
++ Jade Glitter Polish in Meteorite Showers

I lalalalove the glitter polish name! :)

1. What kind of brand thinner do you use?
2. Have you ever use Jade nail polishes before?

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