Nail Polish Thinner

5 years ago

Don`t you guys hate when your nail polish becomes too thick and impossible to apply? Well here is the solution to those problems. Nail polish thinner. Like paint thinner, nail polish thinner thins out the nail polish so that its useable again. This is perfect for those of you with a favorite nail polish that has gotten too thick from being exposed to air too many times.

I know that some people cheat and use nail polish remover. NO!!! Don`t do that!!! Nail polish remover breaks down the chemicals in nail polish ruining the nail polish. Plus! This bottle is only about $3. And depending on how often you use your nail polish and how many bottles you have, this will last quite some time.

So how exactly do you use it? Just add a few drops into the nail polish and then roll the nail polish bottle. Don`t shake the bottle, especially if you`re about to use that color because it creates bubbles that can get trapped in the brush. This will create bubbles when you go to apply your nail polish.

Do you guys use nail polish thinner? Are you guilty of putting nail polish remover into your thickened nail polishes?

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