Nail Polish, The Remover.

4 years ago

I was scrolling down pinterest, and saw this blog. It was describing how to remove nail polish with one swipe of a cotton ball. Now I thought this was ridiculous knowing that it takes me a painfully long time with removing polish from fully painted nails, so what I HAD to do was test out the process to check out if it worked. Yes, in fact it did work. I have been putting off removing my nail polish for weeks now because I was too lazy or didn`t have enough time to do so (mainly the laziness that comes along with summer).

So here`s how you do it:
<li> Get a cotton ball, stretch it out and rip it into pieces that can cover you entire nail. </li>
<li> pour SOME nail polish remover into the cap and dip the edge of the cotton ball. <strong> BEWARE </strong> , only dip the edge because the remover will be absorbed into the cotton ball</li>
<li> cover you nail with the wet cotton, and wait 1-2 minutes</li>
<li> lastly, take off your nail polish with one quick swipe and tada ! now just use the leftover cotton to take away any leftover polish</li>

Hope this helps with your nail polish adventures Luuuxers!

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