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5 years ago

Ive wanted a polish rack like this one for a really long time, but the ones Ive seen on eBay were always ridiculously expensive, mostly because of the shipping costs. Also, these racks only hold up to 48 nail polishes. At last count, I had 130 bottles of polish, so I would need 3 of these.

I did resign myself to the fact that I was going to have to pay more for storage like this because it was the only storage that I liked (even after looking EVERYWHERE for ideas). So I went on eBay again, and I found a seller (Prettyinpinkorg) who was selling the rack for a pretty reasonable price, compared to the others Ive seen. You can click here to check it out.
I only bought 1 rack because I wanted to try out their service + quality before I spent my money on 3 of them. And I have NO complains about their service at all. They respond to emails extremely fast, dispatch the items you order the very next day and are very helpful. My rack came with a defect (a small part of it was broken) and I emailed them, and they sent me a replacement the next day.

If you dont have TOO many bottles of polish, this is a great way to store them. Its very neat, you can see all the colors easily and its gorgeous to look at. However, if you do have a big collection, this might not be the right method of storage for you.

The quality of these racks are quite good. Theyre pretty strong and sturdy & they hold my polishes just fine. Theyre not wobbly or flimsy. However, if you own acrylic storage solutions from Muji, you can tell the difference. The acrylic in this is slightly thinner than the ones from Muji & they scratch more easily.

Generally Id recommend this because I adore (seriously, no other words for how much I love love love this) how it looks & its extremely neat & makes your polishes very easy to find because you can arrange them in any order that suits you. Previously, my polishes used to just sit on a shelf and Id have to pick up 546345 bottles before I could find the color I wanted.

The cons however, are that its pretty expensive and does take up a lot of room!

If you live in the USA, you get them from Transdesign (under the category Polish Rack) for a much cheaper price. Im not sure how much shipping costs though.
If you DONT live in the USA, Prettyinpinkorg is the cheapest place you can get it from, out of all the places Ive looked!

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