Nail polish stains and how to avoid it

Why does the nail polish leave stains on the nails after removing it?

Have you noticed that sometimes after you remove your nail polish that it has left stains on your nails? Like if you had a red nail polish on your nails, you notice a pinkish leftover color on your nails, after you remove the nail polish. Or yellow-ish if you had yellow nail polish on them, and so on. Well some of my friends asked me about this. So I decided to write about why this happens and how to avoid it.

Sometimes the nail polish leave stains after removing it. Well because theres no protecting barrier in between the nail and this colored nail polish, so some of these nail polishes get soaked into the nail. And they wont come off with just the nail polish remover.

To avoid this from happening you must use a base coat, before painting your nails with the color you want! The base coat protects your nails from the damage the nail polish does to your nails, or at least its supposed to do that. There are different base coats with different- or multitasks. Some of them for stronger nails, longer nails, Whiter nails, etc. I know that Essie, OPI and Sally Hansen have many different base coats, for various uses. But most importantly all the base coats protect your nails from the nail polish, and your nails will get less damaged, or not damaged at all if you take good care of them.

Hope this was helpful to some of you =)

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