Nail Polish Obsession!

4 years ago

So, I was just looking around for blog sales, and I ended up randomly stumbling upon the Nail Polish Obsession Tag, and since I am SO bored right now, I figured I would do it! I`ll put the link in the Sourcelink to where I stumbled upon the tag.

1) What`s your favourite nail polish company?
O.P.I. because the colors are gorgeous, they dry so fast, they last a lot longer than most other brands, the brushes are fantastic, and I LOVE the cute little names they give each color! So worth every penny.

2) Glitter or no glitter?
Glitter! Sometimes none, depends on the mood I`m in. But I love it, no doubt!

3) OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
O.P.I, obviously. China Glaze is ok but I don`t feel like it`s AS easy to apply as O.P.I, nor does it dry as quickly. But I do love their color range. As far as Essie goes,! Essie is crap. It peels off SO damn fast. Like, by the end of the first day your nails are painted with it. Plus it takes years to dry, and they are all so sheer. But they always tempt me with those gorgeous colors they make, ugh!

4) When do you change your nail polish?
Every 2-3 days. I get bored fast and I find inspiration for new looks all the time that I`m usually really eager to try out.

5) What`s your favourite colour on your nails?
My favorite nail polish EVER, is O.P.I`s "Mermaid`s Tears". I really like similar colors on me, so oceanic greenish blues. Also white, pastel purples/mints, and light pink. Neon yellow also. I don`t pull off dark polishes that well.

6) Darks or brights?
Brights! Neons and pastels all the way. Dark is too harsh for my ghostly pale skin.

7) What are you wearing on your nails this very moment?
Studio M "Orange Sunset"
(See my NOTD with it HERE:

8) Matte nails - in or out?
In! I like them. Gunmetals and whites look amazing matte.

9) French manicure?
Eh, not my style, but maybe once a year I will rock it. They are beautiful if you want to give your nails a re-paint break, or if you have a formal event, but not for daily life. Too plain.

10) Favorite colour for upcoming season?
Neon anything! Especially green, yellow, and turquoise. Also a pastel blue and mint will do wonders for you.

~The photos are of my own personal nail polish collection. Well, most of it anyway. I store them all in a plastic Sterilite 3-Drawer thing from Walmart since I don`t have a better place for them. On top, I keep my O.P.I`s, Sephora by O.P.I`s, and China Glaze`s. Top drawer is base/top coats, treatments, whites, nudes, pinks, peaches, mauve, clear/iridescents, etc. Middle drawer is yellow/orange/golds, blues, and greens. Bottom drawer is purples, brown, grays, gunmetals, blacks, and multi-colored glitters.~

*Photos are MINE.
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