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4 years ago

Hii beautiful Luuuxers,
Some time ago my sister got me this nail polish kit from The Color Workshop that comes with lots of goodies, since i love anything that starts with nail and ends with polish :) I use this often and it has lasted me for a good amount of time. In the very front there`s a hole to put your hand in to dry your nail polish after you do your nails which i havent used yet since ive been too lazy to put in batteries :o ..Once you open it at the top you have lots of tools including nail clippers, scissors, tweezers and this nail wand thingy-magig that ive seen used at the nail salons but i have yet to use this one since i dont want to hurt myself or destroy my nails, lol. Maybe ill watch a youtube video & learn. The left and the right side open up to 14 nail polishes including a top coat and a bottom coat, and assorted colors of red, pink, beige, a shimmery black, a glittery silver and more distributed by Markwins. The smaller polishes have been pulling their weight pretty well, the bigger ones are the ones that i havent been 100% pleased with, they leave streaks and arent as strong colors as they come off in the bottle. The kit also brings a large hand lotion bottle & a large foot lotion bottle that claim deep nourishment and hydration, they have a good scent but im not crazy about the foot lotion. It`s a little too runny for me, i still use it though. The hand lotion is great! The last 2 little tubes are a cuticle remover cream and cuticle massage cream, these i truly love!! I have horrible cuticles and this does wonders for me. Even though the tubes are about as big as my index finger, a little goes a long way and it works!!! Overall im very pleased with the kit although i havent tried everything out & there are a few upsets.
Thoughts?? Comment!!
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