Nail Polish Haul...Again! :D

4 years ago

Well, well, look who lost control again? SMH. Ok, so with the Holidays coming up there has been a lot of sales going and who can resist getting a discount? Even myself feel like I need to take advantage of it. And as much as I try to focus on the things I need, I can`t help but still throw in my cart/basket a few items that I`m just curious about. So the sales kinda give me an excuse to get things I don`t necessarily need but what happens after that? I think so far this year, though I still hauled regularly, I did not accumulate as many things as the years before. I`ve reluctantly threw out some products because they went bad and I`ve barely even touched them. However, this year my nail polish stash exploded. I mean I buy so many nail polishes, it`s getting ridiculous. I don`t even want to count how many I currently have. Reasons why I can`t get enough of nail polishes 1. There are still many colors I haven`t tried, LOL. Sad but true in spite of having over 200 polishes. 2. Unlike makeup, I can wear any color, any time, so they are very versatile for me. 3. Most of them are fairly inexpensive or affordable. 4. They have a longer shelf life, I think. So I don`t feel bad since I can keep them longer. Anyways, I`m just rambling...The point of this post is mainly to show you the new babies I`ve adopted and like always, I will try to swatch them for you as soon as possible. First picture from left to right: OPI Number One Nemesis, OPI Sea Ya Later Sailor, Color Club De-Luxe-Cious, Savina Purple Confetti, Color Club Ruby Slippers. I purchased these polishes at a nail supply store. I don`t know what I did with the receipt but they were less than $5 each. Along with the nail polishes, I bought some holographic gold diamond glitters and star glitters with color shifting from green to purple and teal. They were $1.50 each. This second set of nail polishes were purchased at a few different stores at the mall. From left to right: Love Charlotte (from Charlotte Russe), Color Clubs (from Rue 21, they did not have names for some reason), Icing So Fierce, Icing Super Freak (lol I love the name, I think it suits the polish), and Icing Matte Topcoat. I`m still waiting on an order of nail polish...LOL...yes there is more to come, just so you know. **Pictures and contents are mine. Do not use without permission** If you enjoy my posts, you can also follow me on:

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