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Here I have 6 nail polishes that I got. I got them at amazing prices, everyone was on sale got them from three different places. Below I`ll list store, texture, names, pricessssss and what they are like to use.
From left to right:
1. Deborah Lippman - Don`t tell mama:
This one I will be sharing with you in an upcoming post. I had been wanting a Dark green with a shine for a few weeks now and I got this one. Lippman nail enamels are extremely EXPENSIVE. a 15 ml bottle is 20$. O.O. However, today, I went to this warehouse and as I was looking around I found the Lippman nail polishes. Couldn`t believe it, ever since I saw Gaga wear Lippman on the cover of vanity Fair in June 2010, I wanted to get my hands on that polish - however I have never found them in stores or anything. did I mention I got these on special ??? Instead of 20$, it was going for 10$. I can tell you in goes on in 2 coats, but you have to put a lot of polish on the brush. It dries fairly fast too.

2. Deborah Lippman - Rehydrating base coat
This goes on nicely and dries fast. That`s all i can tell you about it apart from the fact that it wirth 21$ and I got it for 10$ at a warehouse.

3.L`Oréal Paris - Quick dry
I have been wanting a quick dry for 3 years now, finally got one after realizing that these really work and that they could halp me avoid sheet prints (because I always do my nails right before bed time...) This one is worth about 8$, paid 4 for it. It goes on well and dries fast, but it won`t dry the polish fast of you have on about 3 coats under. However, if you put 3 coats of the quck dry, it does start to work more efficiently. I also run my ahnds under freezing cold water for about 5 minutes.

4. Rimmel London - Lasting Finish Pro - Steel grey
I love this brand. I have an amazing top coat by this brand. This colour is exactly the one that Gaga had on the cover of Vanity fair in June 2010, I`ve been obssessed with finding this colour. It is so pretty !! Ihaven`t worn it, but I know that this goes on in 2 to 3 coats. You have to let the coats dry though befor eyou put on the next one.

5. Rimmel London - Lasting Finish pro - Burgundy flirt
I have already shared this on luuux, but decided to include it here for anyone who hasn`t read my previous posts on it. It is very rich and when you put on about 3 - 4 (i put on 5) coats, it looks bloody red. LOVE IT !!!! Chanel has a red like this and I`ve wanted it for about a year.

5. Revlon - Gold Coin
I know that Revlon has good nail polishes. But I`ve only ever bout Revlon`s top speed polishes. It is a metallic gold. Goes on in about 1 to 2 coats and dries in 30 seconds, no joke ! it isn`t super gold, very metallic though. I put it on my feet and will share it in an upcomming post.

Happy luuuxing

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