Nail Painting Techniques

5 years ago

I paint my nails pretty frequently. About once every almost four days. One thing that is a pain about painting nails is trying to keep it from getting on your skin. As many of you probably know, it is a pain to try and perfectly remove the nail polish from the skin around the nail without possibly ruining the entire nail, especially if you`re in a rush and your nails are not completely dry.

>Some people go through great lengths to try and not get polish on their skin. Some people put tape all around the skin next to the nail but that`s so much work! Not to mention a total waste of tape. I personally sometimes use the petroleum jelly trick. What you do is put vaseline all around the skin next to your nail. However, you cannot get any on the nail or it will prevent the polish from sticking to the nail. This can be very tedious especially if you get any vaseline on your nail.

So my question to you guys is, what are some methods you use to keep the skin around your nail, polish free?

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