Nail of the Week: Lightning Bolt

5 years ago

*Photos are mine

So this post was suppose to be for last week`s nail polish but I wasn`t able to get to it until now . So This is for last week`s post, and I`ll be posting this weeks Nail of the week tomorrow ! (:
& If you would like to know what nail polishes I used for this nail of the week, then let me know . (:

So my base coat was just a sparkly silver/grey, and I did two coats of that. I let it dry in between for about five mintues. After that I drew a gold line with the gold nail polish at an angle . I let it dry for about 3 mintues. then I would re-draw the line again, letting it set for another 3 mintues. I then just got a brown (looks like black but its a dark brown) and just put it underneath the line and on top of the bottom nail . I did one coat and let it set for a few mintues, and re-drew the gold line again if I needed too . I usually put tape on the sides so when I get to the last step its less of a mess to clean . But this time I felt like I didn`t need too . And I didn`t . didn`t get on my skin and yea . TADA ! (:

I have both the right & left hand . The first two pictures are the left hand, and the last two are the right hand . I named it the lightning bolt because it reminded me of gold lady gaga like lightning bolt . So I don`t know but it was the first thing that popped into my head .

*Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry .. I took it from a phone camera that doesn`t work too well .

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