Nail of the Day: Polka Dots!

5 years ago

Are you tired of having one colour plastered on your nails? I know I am!
Lately I`ve been thinking that having one colour on my nails is really boring. Even painting the ring finger nail a different colour wasn`t cutting it for me anymore. So, last night I decided to do something fun with my nails. :)
If you want to learn how to do this, read below!
Things you`ll need:
- white base coat
- at least 3 different colours of polish
- a top coat
- 2 or 3 bobby pins depending on the number of colours
- nail polish remover (optional)
- cotton balls or cotton swabs (optional)

What I did first was get everything else I needed ready before painting.
1: Bend bobby pins so you will be able to dip them into the nail polish.
2: Get a paper towel or rag to put your hand over.
3: Loosen nail polish tops.
Time to get started!
1: Paint the base coat which is white or any other light shade of polish you have. Wait for it to dry.
2: Pick a polish and dip your bobby pin in. Dot each nail at least 2 times.
3: Repeat step two for all the colours you chose.
4: When the dots have dried apply top coat to prevent chipping.

Some tips:
- When painting your bad hand do not worry much about getting polish on your skin, that will easy come off if you run your hand under warm water and scrape it off! Make sure the polish goes on smoothly.
- Don`t rush when doing the dotting.
- If too much polish goes on for one dot, you can try to use it for others.
- If a dot is not exactly a dot and you want it to be, put a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton swab and gently wipe it away. Be sure not to use too much that will remove the base coat.

Hope you enjoyed!
*photos are mine.

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