Nail, Face and Feet Haul

4 years ago

So, I meant to do this earlier but then it got hot, and I got lazy and kinda hated my computer since I don`t have air conditioning in my bedroom and it was just too damn hot to be on my computer for more than an hour or two a day.

So, these little gems are a few things I picked up when I had time to kill a couple weeks ago waiting for the bus. I hit up both my local Sally`s and Ocean State Job Lot. Yeah, I know, the last name hardly sounds like a place to get quality make up, but mine actually was.

I`ve been wanting to try out the nail strips for a while, but at $7.50 for one box, I was a bit hesitant. But then I saw this, a two-box value pack for only $5 and I was all over them since it`s pretty significant amount of savings. If I had bought all 4 separately, that would have cost me $30, but it only cost me $10 (I couldn`t decide on getting the Misbehaved/Laced Up or the Glitz Blitz/Blue Ice box so I got both). I have thus far tried out the Misbehaved and it looked really cool. And it definitely is nail polish because when I opened one packet the familiar odor was right there up my nose -- not the most pleasant thing early in the morning.

This stuff was both easy and difficult to do. And by that I mean it was fairly easy (most of the time) to get it off the backing paper and onto my nail, though pushing my cuticles back hurt like a bitch. I would suggest no caffeine consumption though, if you`re prone to shaking after imbibing some since it takes a steady hand to properly apply the strip to your nail before you have to smooth it down and file off the excess. I definitely am a novice with this stuff since there were bits and pieces missing from the tip of my nail, but Im sure Ill get better with these things as time goes on.

Now, as for the other bottle of nail polish in the picture, the purple one, that is the other bottle I purchased the day I bought the China Glaze color Watermelon Rind. I wanted to paint my nails with that one sooner, but as Ive stated before in this post, its just been too damn hot for the past week for me to really want to do much of anything. So there will be an upcoming post on that as there were with my two previous China Glaze purchases. I am excited about the color since purple is one of my favorite colors and it looks so rich and deep in the bottle.

The other two things were just random items I happened to come across while shopping. I found a pair of tweezers from Revlon that are designed to be more helpful in the plucking process so well see about that. I just bought them because I am forever losing tweezers. And I got what basically amounts to sandpaper for ones feet from Sallys since my feet need it BADLY. Those poor little suckers have been neglected recently : - (

So what do you guys think of the Sally Hansen Nail Strips, if youve tried them before?

**Pictures are mine, please do not use**

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